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What is WITNESS about?

WITNESS was created through interviews and the use of historic materials, woven together into a dramatic documentary script. The piece is inspired by the journey of the MS St. Louis, which left Hamburg in 1939 with over 900 Jewish people on board and headed to Cuba only to be turned away, leaving the passengers stranded with nowhere to go and no escape. This story is woven together with contemporary stories to bear witness to the migratory experiences of Jewish people in the face of antisemitism. 

How long is the performance?

The performances runs approximately 90 minutes, followed by a 30 minute talkback.

Is WITNESS performed live?

Yes! WITNESS includes a live audience interactivity in real time, along with pre-recorded video elements.

Is WITNESS based on historical events?

WITNESS is inspired by the historical voyage of the MS St. Louis. It includes text drawn from historical documents including letters, journals, and telegrams. It also includes text from interviews with modern-day Jews, as well as original text. 

Is this performance suitable for children?

WITNESS contains strong language, as well as frank discussions of antisemitism and the Holocaust. Parental guidance is recommended for children younger than 12.

What are the talkbacks after each performance?

Each performance will be followed by a talkback with members of the cast and creative team. Some of these talkbacks will also feature special guests, as noted on the performance schedule. The talkbacks will take place at the same link as the performances, so nothing extra is needed to access them.


How do I get tickets?

Click here to view all performance dates, then select a date and time to purchase tickets. You will be prompted to create an account with a username and password. This will be used to make your purchase and to access the performance stream.  

Will I receive a virtual ticket?

You will receive a receipt confirming your purchase, but there is no virtual ticket needed to access the performance. All you will need is the username and password you used to make your ticket purchase! You will also receive an email from us in the day before your performance, including tips for the best viewing experience and the direct link to your performance page.


How do I access the performance?

You will receive an email from us the day before your performance containing a direct link to the performance page. You can also find that link by clicking on your chosen performance date in this list.  


Once you're on the page, just click "Log In" in the top right corner, and enter the same email and password you used to purchase your tickets. This will give you access to the stream!

What if I forgot my password?

No worries! Just click "Log In," enter your email address, and click "I forgot my password" to re-set. 

Can I log in before the performance?

The stream will go live at the listed date and time. If you log in before then, you will be able to access information about some of real-life St. Louis passengers who appear in WITNESS.

What equipment/devices do I need to watch the performance?

You will need a strong internet connection.


To fully experience the immersive nature of the show, we strongly recommend listening through headphones. We also suggest watching on a laptop that will allow you to move about your space with headphones connected. 

If a laptop and/or headphones are not available, you can also watch WITNESS on a desktop computer, through the computer speakers. 

Do I need to download anything in order to watch the performance?

Nothing is required, but you will have the option to connect via Zoom in order to have the most interactive experience. You may download/update Zoom here:

How do I interact with the performance?

Throughout the performance, you will see various on-screen prompts, which will offer opportunities to interact through chat, voting, and other features. 

Do I need headphones?

We strongly recommend listening through headphones for the most immersive experience.

Can I pause or rewind the performance?

Because this is a live performance, you cannot pause or rewind.

What if I am late?

You will be able to join the performance in progress, but please note that because this is a live performance, you will not be able to rewind.

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